The Surreal Killer

The Surreal Killer
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Friday, April 5, 2013



I’ve published two shorter books, a novella and a novelette.  They are faster paced and shorter (duh!) than the novels, but as intricately plotted and with the same featured characters.  Try one or both of the books; I think you’ll enjoy them.  Both are well rated by the readers who have submitted reviews to Amazon.

This review was very nice!  From the most recent (5-stars) review of “The Body in the bed” on Amazon. “Although "The Body in the Bed" is the first of Mr. Last's "Roger and Suzanne Bowman" mysteries I've read, now I'll have to go pick up all the earlier stories in the series. Roger and Suzanne, now a married couple living in Beverly Hills, remind me in a gentle way of Nick & Nora Charles, the fictional (and film) married detectives of the 1930's, who in their socially upscale and light-hearted way, solved crimes. Roger is a former homicide detective in L.A., turned private investigator; Suzanne is a remarkably intelligent, highly educated, woman, now mother of a one-year-old son. Much of their focus revolves around the city of Montevideo in Uruguay; that is how they met, and it seems that on every trip to that city of which they are so fond, they encounter yet another corpse. This trip, it's in bed in their hotel room. By the time the story is finished, Roger & Suzanne have of course solved the crime, rooted out corruption in high places, and made their friends involved with the case happy, or at least satisfied with results, and the reader has enjoyed a delightful story line.” 

And another recent review of “The Body in the Bed”, this time for 4-stars.  ”Bogie could have been at the dinner party in this story, striding through the scene in his white dinner jacket, cigar in one hand, drink in the other, stopping to talk out of the side of his mouth to Uruguayan officials and narrator Roger Bowman. Although a contemporary story, the tone of the narrator and the foreign locale reminded me of Casablanca! But for all that, the plot was right out of the news, with an interesting and modern Iranian angle and a rather chatty Mossad agent. Bowman, a California private investigator, and his wife fly down to Montevideo to celebrate with a friend, only to find a dead body in their bed in the hotel upon check-in. (They stayed in the hotel anyway, just in a new room. Hmmm.) Heavy on the dialogue and Roger's narration, the story could have used more Montevideo atmospherics. Descriptions of the landscape, the food, smells, traffic, sights and sounds, etc., would have given the story greater authenticity. I really liked Roger's comparison of the South American city's pollution to its corruption and wanted more from this storyteller.”

And finally, a 4-star review for “The Body in the Parking Structure”. ”This is a short, fast paced read that has all the elements of a detective series with a notable shortage of detail.  This may sound like a negative but it is not.  This turned out to be a fun read. All the necessary information is contained herein but all those details that are used to drag out a story and flesh it out was absent.  Making it a really easy and nice read.  None of the essential information is missing.  The characters are fluffed out enough for the reader to connect to them though not so fluffed that they become THAT family member, you know the one!  The family member where you know every single breath taken.
This is a nice read and worth it's 4 * review rating.”

Click on the book cover to the right to go to the book’s Amazon page and read the actual reviews.  Or, better yet, buy the book(s) for only $1.99 each.

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