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The Surreal Killer
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Thursday, August 1, 2013


The rest of the reviews for "The Deadly Dog Show", thus far. (N = 11, Mean score = 4.9 Stars out of a possible 5.0)

1. Doggonit.  What a good read...! Well done and captivating. I loved the character development and was truly drawn into the story with all of its' twists and turns.

2. Mystery, dogs and a quick read---3 simple reasons to buy: I rarely read anything other than cookbooks or lately informational books on raising farm animals. However, in the midst of a trying few months in my life, I was given the opportunity to read this mystery by Mr. Last. It was a great way to divert my attention from reality, yet seemed so familiar, as a Northern California resident, a dog owner and a foodie. We currently own a champion German Shorthaired Pointer named 'Bruce' and plan on owning this breed for the rest of my life. It is always nice when you can read something so entertaining and feel like you are almost part of the story. I am always particularly pleased when details about food are included because it allows one to not only visualize the story and the character, but also smell the scene. Like his many other pieces, this too is a pleaser!

Bonus: There's enough time in your busy schedule to read this book and it costs less than an espresso beverage.
 3. Exciting story with a great plot!  Really enjoyed the twist of the dog show! The characters are well developed and I found myself drawn in quickly. The story really clicked along well and I could hardly believe I was done with the story.

4. If you are a dog show addict you will love this book.  I thoroughly enjoyed "The Deadly Dog Show". From the beginning I was hooked. Imagine AKC actually investigating the suspicious results at multiple dog shows. A great concept. The people and judges were so real I think I know them from my experiences at dog shows. Roger actually surprised me at the end. I could only put this book down when I was too tired to continue reading.

I'm ready for the sequel.

5. Deadly Dog Show.  The Deadly Dog Show is a captivating crime novel that does a good job of keeping the reader guessing, all the while making everything seem obvious with a little retrospect. The story features many unexpected plot twists that keep the reader on the edge of their seat almost the entire time. The author does an excellent job of creating realistic and likable characters who very soon begin to grow on the reader. This vivid characterization helps the characters "come alive" and creates a feeling that the characters and the audience are solving the mystery together. There also many incredibly clever puns scattered throughout the book that provide for good laugh or two. One question I have is if the chile relleno restaurant in Woodland, CA is based on an actual restaurant. The action scenes are just frequent enough to get the adrenaline pumping every once and a while, which is good because once you start, it is difficult to put it down. All in all, the Deadly Dog Show is an excellent read that, while not taking an extraordinary amount of time to read, is worth every second.

6. AKC Dog Shows-NY Pastrami-DNA Technology-Murder and Mayhem @ Dog Shows. Where else but in Jerold Last's "The Deadly Dog Show" could you find AKC Dog Shows, NY deli pastrami, DNA Technology and murder and mayhem combined with such skill, knowledge and grace.

This e-book is a delightful read with enough twists and turns to keep the reader keenly interested, especially if they are dog show, German Shorthaired Pointer and/or murder mystery enthusiasts. Jerold provides such detailed descriptions (NY Deli, various CA show venues) to let you know that he has "been there" and to leave the reader with the feeling that they 'have been there" also.

Good character development and an excellent and FUN tutorial on what it is like to own or is it "be owned by" a German Shorthaired Pointer!

I am ready for the next in this series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. Bird Dog Mystery.  Roger and Suzanne leap into a new and intriguing mystery centered around dogs and dog shows. Roger is contracted by the AKC to investigate something that "isn't right" in the regional dog show circuit. Many of the characters are recognizable from earlier books by the author, but the author veers from his typical South American venue to one based primarily in California. The story is a captivating murder-mystery that you will have a hard time not quickly swiping from page to page. It is nice to see the wonderful sporting breed of the German Shorthaired Pointer take center stage in this mystery as Roger and Suzanne receive Juliet on loan to show in the ring and to help solve the "Deadly Dog Show" mystery.

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