The Surreal Killer

The Surreal Killer
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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Onward to the World of High Technology Blogging

My family decided to support my second career as a mystery writer by upgrading the technology available to increase my productivity.

My first gift was an iPad for more comfortable reading of e-books that the Kindle app on my computer that I had been using. The iPad also has a downloadable Blogger app that supports writing these blog posts for Blogspot off-line.  Now I can take any spur of the moment idea that occurs at any time and get it written down, properly formatted for Blogspot, at the instant of conception. If it still looks good the next day it uploads at the touch of a finger. If it doesn't look good in the cold, clear light of the next day, it disappears forever at the touch of a finger. If inspiration strikes during the 8-6 working day, so be it. Just open the iPad, start typing, and pretend it's work related.

My second gift was a smart phone, in this case an iPhone that synchronizes seamlessly with my iPad and laptop.  It's even more portable than the iPad and fits in a pocket.  Guess what?  It has the Blogger app available for free download too.  I'm pretty much out of excuses for hitting my goal of one or more posts per week to this blog.  And before any of you eagle-eyed readers notes the date on the last post, I just had a week of the flu as an excuse for being late.

Given the technology upgrade I hope to explore various new and different themes in the next few months.  Guest posts are most welcome, especially if they relate, however distantly, to mystery novels or mystery writing.

Happy New Year and Feliz ano nuevo to all!

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