The Surreal Killer

The Surreal Killer
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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Second Review of "The Body in the Bed"

A second review, also 4-stars, has been posted on the Amazon page for this fast paced and suspenseful whodunit novella.  This story is my personal favorite among the novellas and novelettes I've written thus far and I recommend it highly to all of you who enjoyed the preceding novels, The Surreal Killer and The Ambivalent Corpse.   I currently have parts of the next three books in this series under construction, so I can tell you that The Body in the Bed will be Roger and Suzanne's last visit to Montevideo for a while.

"The fifth book concerning married sleuth's Roger and Suzanne Bowman has them returning to Montevideo, Uruguay to celebrate the promotion of their good friend, Martin Gonzales to Chief of Detectives. When they check into their motel room the tension amps up when they discover an old acquaintance, Dr. Bernardo Colletti waiting for them - dead, with his throat viciously cut. After the duo becomes suspicious of three police captains being complicit in the murder, they team up with Gonzales to investigate the three different, but all dirty cops. Things go from bad to worse when they find out Colletti's assassin has an Iranian connection, enlisting the help of old friend Eduardo Gomez, who works with Mossad, to help put the pieces together.

As usual, Mr. Last has combined international intrigue, a far reaching criminal element, and the culinary wonders of Uruguay to create another volume of the intrepid husband and wife detective team. It's a novella that moves at a breakneck speed, serves up tasty dialogue, and a generous portion of the Latin American culture."

If you're looking for the perfect gift for that friend who likes to read mysteries you can't beat this novella, which you can purchase for less than $2.00 per gift copy with a single click from Amazon.  Treat yourself to a copy, too.

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