The Surreal Killer

The Surreal Killer
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Recent Review of The Matador Murders on Amazon

"The Matador Murders, written by Jerold Last, is a fun, fast paced murder mystery about the exploits of a husband and wife team working on a homicide case that implicates a good friend. The story opens with the execution style death of crooked cop Jose Gonzales. When the murder is blamed on his honest associate, Martin Gonzales, Martin sends out a cry for help to Roger Bowman and Suzanne Foster. The married team immediately heads to Paraguay, bringing their six-month-old son and a decidedly different nanny with them. When they see their investigation leads to a series of shady land grabs in Uruguay, and the implications of a vicious drug cartel behind the murder, they go undercover in order to foil the plans of a kingpin they call Mr. X.
            In between the intrigue, actions scenes, and comical moments involving the baby, Roger and Suzanne's snarky banter and loving moments give the story its heart. The secondary characters are drawn well, the bad guys are deliciously evil, and the couple's labyrinthine efforts to get to the heart of the crime make for an enjoyable read.
            As a bonus, Mr. Last immerses you in the culture, history, food, and drink of countries like Uruguay, Chile, and Paraguay. His attention to food and wine will especially give you the feeling of being there, listening to the protagonists talk about the case, their opinions, and suspicions.
            All in all, The Matador Murders is well worth the money and the time. Be aware this is the fourth book of the series with The Surreal Killer, The Ambivalent Corpse, and The Empananda Affair all available on Amazon for purchase. I give it Four Stars and a good reason to seek out an authentic Latin American restaurant."

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